Our history

A history of passion

storia_1It’s 1970: in Monterosso, a small gem of a town in Cinque Terre (Liguria), Anna Maria Ferrari Tanca, a Genova University student, opens her Mini Shop.

storia_2In a small cave carved into a mountain just steps away from the sea, Anna finds a way to express the passion of a lifetime: fashion jewelery.
She manifactures her creations during the winter time, sneaking away from the school books, in order to sell them in the summer. Every item, even the smallest one, reflects the joy and happiness of her smiles.

storia_3annaBIBLO° is born after many years. The brand is owned by BIBLO’LLC, a company founded in 1997 by Anna and her husband Marco Campari with a perfect marriage between Anna’s fantasy and Marco’s vast strategic experience.

storia_4annaBIBLO° becomes Federica’s passion. Being the true heir of her mother’s creative inspiration, she loves to wear and design fashion jewelry items through which she develops the annaBIBLO° soul.

storia_5Later on, Federica started her academic career in Management Engeneering enriched it with studies in foreign languages and fashion. She is providing her support both in the creative and management department thanks to her know-how in market development and brand image.

storia_6What started as the dream of a sunny girl in the 70’, finds it’s shape and form over the course of 40 years, making of the Made in Italy a family value.